Using bedding in the toilet

Using bedding in the toilet

Using bedding in the toilet

A modern well-functioning dry toilet is odourless and pleasant to use. A well-functioning dry toilet requires that certain basic rules have been observed when building, installing and selecting appliances.


The purpose of the bedding in the toilet is to cover the excrement, bind odours, absorb excess moisture and act as a support medium while composting the toilet waste. In general, it is recommended that the waste be covered with 2-3 dl of bedding every time the toilet is used.

An excellent universal bedding for dry toilets is Biolan Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding, which is made of sour ground conifer bark and non-fertilized peat. Thanks to its acidity, it efficiently absorbs the ammonium nitrogen from the toilet waste and prevents it from evaporating into the air as ammonia. In addition the texture of Biolan Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding is sufficiently coarse to keep the toilet compost very airy.

In the Naturum composting toilet we recommend as bedding the use of non-fertilized Ground Peat or granular Naturum bedding. Adding granular Naturum bedding is tidier and keeps the compost more efficiently airy.
It is absolutely essential to use bedding in the dry toilets that is suited to its purpose.

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