Water purification solutions

The purpose of water purification is to protect human beings and nature and to save natural resources. Contaminants harmful for human beings include; faecal bacteria and viruses, as well as washing detergent and chemical residues. The appropriate purification of wastewater stops these pollutants from ending up in nearby wells, the groundwater or other bodies of water. Nutrients and oxygen scavengers cause eutrophication in our bodies of water and present a significant burden on the environment. 

The nutrients in wastewater originate from the food we eat. When nutrients are removed from the water and converted into a reusable form, and only purified water is released into the environment, we can help recycle nutrients. Composting and dry toilets are excellent methods of recycling nutrients. Wastewater in sparsely populated areas is the second largest polluter of waters after agriculture.

A wastewater system that works for you 

When choosing a suitable wastewater system for your property, the first thing to find out is whether the property can be connected to the municipal network. If this is not an option, the next step is to investigate which systems are feasible for your property and the needs of the users. 

There are several solutions available; all with different mechanisms, purification methods and efficiency. Consult an expert to choose a solution that best matches the requirements of the site. 

If your property produces only small volumes of wastewater, a septic tank is an easy option. However, with larger volumes of water, the emptying costs will become substantial. In that case, a more cost-efficient option is the dual water system, in which the toilet waste is diverted into a separate closed tank and greywater is purified with a filter or soil treatment. 

Purification devices are intended for all types of water, including both greywater and toilet waste. After treatment with a purification device, the waste water can be directed into the soil, such as an open ditch. 

Soil treatment systems, soil filtering and soil absorption, are suitable for all types of waste water. 

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