We make growing sustainable

Our way of growing food is changing. Climate change and loss of biodiversity as well as the quickly increasing amount of research data on their future impacts challenge our current methods of growing food.

We at Biolan want to create means and procedures to build a more sustainable future. Therefore, our ambitious aim is to examine, discover and use sustainable everyday solutions and methods to grow food that does not overload decreasing global resources.

How will we do it?

We make growing sustainable by making substrates renewable

We want to make growing more sustainable by increasing the amount of renewable and recycled materials in our products.

In the next 20 years, we mean to:

  • Gradually abandon the use of horticultural peat.
  • We want to offer a peat-free alternative for nearly all of our products in the near future.

Our current actions:

  • Introduce products to the market that are made with recycled and quickly renewable materials to replace peat.
  • We will replace the use of peat in our products with wood pellets, ground bark and Acrotelm. 
  • We will reduce the peat content of our products. In 2020, the portion of non-peat material grew over 50% in our products.
  • We put an eco-meter on the package label to indicate how much the soil or bulking material product contains renewable and recycled materials.

We make growing sustainable by recycling everything

To ensure the sufficiency of natural resources, it is becoming more and more important for us to ensure that nothing goes to waste. We continue our commitment to using the side streams of agriculture and forestry in manufacturing our products, in accordance with the principles of circular economy. We develop and introduce new solutions to the markets with which we all can change our daily behaviour and become more environmentally friendly. 

In the next 20 years, we mean to:

  • Use mainly renewable or recycled materials in all of our products.
  • Harness more and more greenhouse gasses released in production-related composting for a useful purpose.

Our current actions:

  • We are constantly bringing further developed and easier to use composters to the markets.
  • The gaseous nitrogen released as ammoniac in the composter reactor is harnessed by binding it to lactic acid. Thanks to this method, the nitrogen does not end up in the atmosphere and it can be used as a fertiliser.
  • We use recycled plastic in our packages. 

We make growing sustainable by being carbon neutral ourselves 

We all must reduce carbon emissions drastically. For Biolan, it requires abandoning the use of fossil fuels, oil-based plastics and peat, and replacing them with renewable or recycled materials. 

In the next 20 years, we mean to:

  • Be a carbon-neutral operator.

Our current actions:

  • All of the electricity we buy is renewable, and we improve our energy self-sufficiency with wind and solar power.

We make growing sustainable by treating nature with respect  

Because we work close to nature, we want to have clear policies on our nature-related activities.

  • We investigate renewable alternatives for fossil fuels with respect to nature.

  • We promote the development and research of new and renewable materials, and we always use the most reliable and commonly accepted research data to support our activities.
  • The accountability of our activities exceeds the legal requirements.
  • We do not operate on bogs that have been classified natural.
  • We ensure that the material in our fertilisers comes from farms that are committed to looking after the well-being of their animals in a manner that exceeds legal requirements.
  • We commit ourselves to producing bulking materials that guarantee the best well-being.

Responsibility comes from our roots

For Biolan, responsibility means curiosity, respect, courage and acts.


  • Biolan was born from a curiosity to make the world more responsible.


  • We respect what is unique: nature, humans and diversity.


  • Biolan does not simply follow the change in the world – we are part of making it.


  • Biolan is a down-to-earth operator that is used to work and action.