Biolan’s international operations

Short nutrient chains are at the core of sustainability thinking. Moving the manufacturing close to their end users is an efficient way of reducing a product’s carbon footprint. We also have an obligation to help and teach each others the best practices in sustainable development.

International collaboration has been part of Biolan’s operations since its establishment.  Biolan Oy was among the signatory companies committing to the principles of sustainable development published at the 1992 UN Environmental and Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Biolan is a Finnish family business with operations in global markets. Biolan has production facilities in Finland, Estonia and China and a marketing company in Sverige. We export our ecologically sound products all over of the world. Our key international development projects take place in Uganda, India, Haiti and Cuba. Our aim with all our international operations is to support regional development and collaboration.


Biolan participates in in the Unicef UniWASH project 


“Developing markets are offering no quick wins. Development cooperation funding does not cover business development costs, but the local partnerships and increased understanding of local needs are valuable by-products that significantly increase our chances of success businesswise.”

Pekka Kariniemi, Chairman of the Board at Biolan.