Novarbo - Greating greener growth

The goal of every farmer is to gain a large, top quality yield full of beauty, flavour and scent. Efficient and productive farming can easily be sustainable when using Biolan’s environmentally friendly solutions and products.

Novarbo, a part of Biolan Group, is a leading provider of high-quality products and solutions for professional farming, gardening and landscaping. High quality raw-materials, deep expertise and customer-centred service are all a part of Biolan’s guaranteed, sustainable quality.

Growing mediums for professional use

Achieving a high yield of top-quality crops with the desired characteristics year after year is the sum of many factors. A high grade growing medium is one of the prerequisites for successful cultivation.

Novarbo is a specialist in professional farming and growing mediums. The product range includes soil and peat products for conventional and organic greenhouse production. We also provide tailored products.

Novarbo produces premium growing mediums for all uses

  • Vegetables, berries and herbs
  • Bedding and potted plants
  • Nursery products and forest seedlings
  • Seedling cultivation
Organic fertilisers – professional farming solutions

Correct fertilisation of the growing medium brings high yields. Fertilising with pure natural products is a sustainable solution for a professional farmer.


Novarbo’s high-quality fertilisers offer a practical and easy solution in professional farming. Novarbo Aino and Arvo fertilisers are pure, organic products. In addition to the primary nutrients, they also include micronutrients. The certified organic fertilisers are suitable for both fields and gardens.

Greenhouse technology

State-of-the-art greenhouse technologies improve the efficiency and productivity of cultivation as well as the yield and quality of the plants. Ecological solutions save the environment and money, as well as reduce the risk of plant diseases and pests.


Novarbo is a specialist in professional farming. Novarbo’s state-of-the-art greenhouse technologies are designed for the demanding Nordic climate, providing professional farmers with some all-important features:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heat reuse
  • Vertical Farming solutions



Novarbo is a leading provider of high-quality products and solutions
for professional farming, gardening and landscaping.

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