Product development at Biolan

Out-of-the-box thinking and sustainability are the guiding lights in Biolan’s product development, making it a critical factor in Biolan’s business and success.

Recycling and sustainability are at the heart of all development work at Biolan. Products marketed under the Biolan brand are carefully selected. Our R&D unit continuously tests and improves existing products and develops new ones from a customer-driven perspective. Our products are meticulously tested before they are launched and they undergo strict quality control throughout the process. Our environmental products, such as toilets and composters, are based on prototypes tested in real conditions. User feedback and experiences steer our product development and help us make the right choices for our different customer groups.

In addition to our own R&D team, the development work is supported by numerous top scientists. Biolan is involved in several projects funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology.

Our operations have always relied on developing new products that help reduce the environmental impact of human activity. Corporate responsibility is a key part of our product development.