A dry toilet is an ecological choice

A modern dry toilet is hygienic, odourless and convenient. A dry toilet is also an ecological choice and simplifies the handling of wastewater.

A well-constructed dry toilet is clean, odourless, easy to empty and, most importantly, convenient to use. To ensure the smooth functioning of your dry toilet, you should take into account the following when selecting, installing and using the unit: Proper ventilation helps to keep the odours away. The right type of high-quality bulking agent eliminates odours, absorbs moisture and makes sure that the mass remains properly aerated. 

The right choice of dry toilet and its correct installation ensures that it serves its users well, both at the summer cottage and at home.

Easier wastewater management

To reduce the environmental burden of wastewater, some of the pollutants can be utilised even before processing of wastewater. The best solution is to replace flush toilets with dry toilets. Solid waste can be composted while urine can be diverted and possibly utilised in the garden, leaving only greywater for purification. The purification of greywater also needs to be thorough. However, free of any excreta, the process is much more straightforward.

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