A pleasant toilet space

A pleasant toilet space

A pleasant toilet space

A modern well-functioning dry toilet is odourless and pleasant to use. A well-functioning dry toilet requires that certain basic rules have been observed when building, installing and selecting appliances.


It is advisable to refurbish the toilet space to make it more pleasant to use. An appropriately sized landscape window makes the visit more pleasant, as does something to read or an outhouse diary, in which every user can note their own remarks. It pays to make the toilet area sufficiently spacious. The dimensions of, for example, the Composting Toilet should be 130 cm x 130 cm. The blue colour of the outhouse walls is said to repel insects.

For hygienic reasons, it is important to have a hand-washing facility near the toilet. Place a rubbish basket in the toilet area to keep non-composting waste separate from composting waste and to keep the room tidy.

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