Maintenance and emptying of the toilet

Maintenance and emptying of the toilet

Maintenance and emptying of the toilet

A modern well-functioning dry toilet is odourless and pleasant to use. A well-functioning dry toilet requires that certain basic rules have been observed when building, installing and selecting appliances.


Issues related to the maintenance and emptying of the dry toilet should be considered even before its purchase and installation so as it functions as well as possible. Observe the following while planning the emptying procedure of the toilet:

  • The emptying interval of the toilet varies depending on the model and the number of users. For example, with its more generously sized tank, the Composting Toilet has a longer emptying interval and, therefore, is suitable for more frequent use. The Komplet Dry Toilet, which has smaller capacity than the Composting Toilet, is suitable for weekend cottages where its use is less frequent.
  • The location of the toilet should be selected so that its emptying will be as easy as possible. If the toilet is installed indoors, the emptying facility should be located as close to the exit door as possible. Taking the waste out of the toilet through the living area is not reasonable, even in a closed container.
  • The emptying site of the toilet tank should be located as close to the toilet as possible in order to avoid a long emptying distance. For example, it is a good idea to create a post-compost for waste from the Composting Toilet as near as possible to avoid having to wheelbarrow the emptied material back and forth.
  • Maintenance measures of the toilet also involve emptying of the collection vessel for liquid accumulated from the toilet. The liquid vessel needs to be dimensioned in accordance with the number of users and its location must be selected so that it is suitable for emptying. Free downward flow of the liquid must be ensured, so the collecting vessel needs to be placed so that the gradient is sufficient.

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