Select the Biolan Dry Toilet that suits you best

Select the Biolan Dry Toilet that suits you best

Select the Biolan Dry Toilet that suits you best

A modern well-functioning dry toilet is odourless and pleasant to use. A well-functioning dry toilet requires that certain basic rules have been observed when building, installing and selecting appliances.


Dry Toilet collects the nutrients

A major part of the nutrients from the household wastewater comes from the toilet waste. Therefore, a dry toilet that collects the nutrients, loads the environment considerably less than a water toilet. The dry toilet does not waste water, which means it is a clever choice even for locations, where usable water supplies are scarce. After composting, the toilet waste from a dry toilet is a valuable soil conditioner for the plants in the yard.

A well-designed dry toilet is tidy, odourless and easy to empty and, above all, pleasant to use. Careful choice of the toilet and the correct installation practice ensure its trouble-free operation and comfort of use. 

Outline those operational features that are most important for you, while still designing the toilet.

Pay attention to the following issues, when selecting the toilet:

  • should the toilet be easy to use
  • possible access to electricity or water supply
  • how many people will be using the toilet
  • will the toilet be used exclusively in summer or also in winter
  • do you wish to install the toilet in the outhouse or indoors
  • which solutions are available for maintenance and emptying of the toilet Pay attention also to issues related to the installation while selecting the toilet, because the installation practices, space requirements and emptying arrangements vary. Follow closely the given installation instructions, while installing the toilet.


Biolan Dry Toilet models:

  • The unsophisticated Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet is the right choice for a less frequently used cottage or renovation of an outhouse toilet with earth floor. No hand shower water.
  • Biolan Separating Dry Toilet is suitable for installation both in the outhouse and indoors in the residential area of weekend houses. The Separating Dry Toilet has two separate inner receptacles, which enable handy emptying of the waste in the compost. No hand shower water.
  • The more generously sized Biolan Composting Toilet suits as a toilet for a frequently used weekend house. The waste tank of the Composting Toilet is a thermally insulated composter of 200 litres with efficient ventilation, which ensures proper decomposition of the waste already in the tank. Small amounts of other type of biowaste can also be composted in the toilet. No hand shower water. The operation in winter can be ensured using a heating cable.
  • Biolan Populett dry toilets are well suited to places where a toilet is frequently used, such as cabins for short breaks, cottages in the wilderness, bed & breakfast facilities or worksites. The toilet is available in two sizes: 200 and 300 litres. In particular the smaller Populett of 200-litres suits well for use at ordinary cottages.
  • The composting Biolan Naturum toilet can be installed in doors in a weekend house or in the bathroom of a permanent residence as a replacement for the water toilet. The Naturum is a toilet that separates the urine and to which also hand shower water can be led.


Also an old loo can be renovated

In most cases it is possible to renovate an old outhouse as an environmentally friendly toilet. Installing a good dry toilet with hermetic bottom in an old outhouse significantly improves the toilet's user comfort and prevents rich in nutrients runoff into the soil.

The operating and installation principles of the Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet and Biolan Separating Dry Toilet are simple. They are always installed on the floor and they do not require much space. As a result, their installation in an old outhouse is usually fairly easy. It is also often possible to install a Composting Toilet in an old outhouse.