Removing and collecting liquid from the toilet

Removing and collecting liquid from the toilet

Removing and collecting liquid from the toilet

A modern well-functioning dry toilet is odourless and pleasant to use. A well-functioning dry toilet requires that certain basic rules have been observed when building, installing and selecting appliances.


Liquids of a dry toilet

It pays to separate liquids of the dry toilet from the waste in order to prevent the liquid remaining in the tank from causing odour problems. Depending on the Biolan toilet model, the liquids are separated either in the seat or from the bottom of the toilet tank as follows:

Separation of urine in the seat:

Separation of urine from the bottom of the toilet tank:


Relatively, the liquid volume from toilets, where liquid is extracted from the bottom of the toilet tank, is less than from the models where the separation takes place in the seat.

The liquids from the toilets are very rich in nutrients. Therefore, they should not be conducted from the toilet directly into the soil but collected in a separate closed receptacle for utilization or disposal. The required size of the receptacle for collection varies case by case. Usually, the plastic canister of 25 litres, included in the package, is sufficient for collecting seep liquid from the Composting Toilet. Liquids, separated from a dry toilet in permanent residential use for several people, can be collected, for example, in a closed tank of 5 m3.

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