Bioska Dry Toilet bags
Bioska Dry Toilet bags

Decomposes rapidly

manufactured from fully biodegradable material of renewed material: degrades biologically in a few weeks in a well-functioning composter suitable for many dry toilet brands on the market, including Biolan Icelett, Separating Dry Toilet, Naturum meets the requirements of the EU's standard EN 13432 for biodegradable products
Product number: 70772000
Dimensions: 600 x 700 mm
Package size: a roll of 30 bags

Instructions for use:

  • Tear a bag from the roll, place it into the toilet receptacle so that the bottom of the bag settles on the bottom, then turn the upper edge of the bag outside the rim of the container.  
  • When the receptacle fills up, turn the edges of the bag inside the receptacle, and lift the receptacle out of the unit.  
  • Compost the biodegradable bag filled with waste in a composter intended for domestic waste or garden waste. 
  • Put a new bag into the receptacle.

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