Biolan Timer
Biolan Timer
Biolan Timer

Installing and using the Timer

The Biolan Timer helps to pump wastewater into the Greywater Filter in suitable quatities. The Timer is connected between the submersible pump and the power source. Splash-proof rating of the Timer housing is IP54, which means it is splash-proof.

Setting the pumping time

The pumping time shall be set to 10-30 seconds depending on the pump type used, the distance and whether a backpressure valve is used (see Installing the Submersible Pump) so that each batch of water delivered to the filter is about 20 litres and the filter boxes do not run over. The flow of the pump must be measured after its installation, before setting the timer.

Setting the pause

The pause time shall be set so that the uppermost filter boxes will be able to absorb the water from the previous operating period before the next pumping period starts. A recommendable pause time is 10-20 minutes.

Maintenance measures

Check the operation of the Timer. As necessary, adjust the pumping time taking into account that the pump will deliver at maximum 20 litres of wastewater to the filter and that the intervals last at least 5 minutes.