Biolan Pump Well
Biolan Pump Well
Biolan Pump Well

The Biolan Pump Well is intended for pumping washing water into the Biolan Greywater Filter. The Pump Well can also be used as a sedimentation well or as a perforated soakaway for small amounts of wastewater.


The installation instructions and the sewage system plan drawn up for the object shall be followed while installing the Pump Well. Such items as the intended location of the system on the site and the height position are presented in the plan. In order to ensure the best result, it pays to assign a trained and experienced HVAC or earth-works contractor for the installation work.

Installation location and depth

The Pump Well is installed in an upright position on an even and compacted bed (at least 150 mm thick) of gravel, crushed stone or sand. The installation depth is determined according to the elevation of the sewer coming from the property. While installing gravity flow drainage, a sufficient gradient (of at least 1-1,5 %) needs to be provided to allow the wastewater to flow without obstruction from the sewer outlet of the house all the way to the Pump Well.

The maximum depth of the Pump Well from the inlet connector to the ground surface is about 750 mm. As necessary, the neck-part of the well can be shortened by at maximum 700 mm. The backfill soil of the excavation must be non-susceptible to frost, for example sand. The backfill soil must not contain sharp stones. The backfill shall be compacted after each layer of about 300 mm.


The Pump Well must be anchored, if buoyancy may occur resulting from the presence of groundwater or soilwater. The bottom of the Pump Well is fitted with brackets for anchoring. The well can be anchored, for example, using 1-m-long ribbed reinforcement bars (15 mm in diameter).

If the buoyancy caused by the groundwater is strong, a concrete slab or pre-fabricated anchoring slabs (for example) should be used for anchoring.

Connecting the incoming sewer pipe

The inlet connector has been opened ready for a pipe 75 mm in diameter, but it is also possible to connect a pipe 110 mm in diameter to it. Use a connecting sleeve with gasket for connection.

Laying the outgoing pressure sewer pipe

The pressure sewer is piped through the cover of the Pump Well into the Biolan Greywater Filter or Sauna Filter. The position of the lead-through for the pipe and the electric conductor, which shall be opened by sawing, is marked in the cover on the well. A fabric-reinforced hose with smooth surface and 32 mm in diameter is used as pressure sewer pipe.

Ground frost insulation

Where a Pump Well is used in winter, it shall be insulated using, for example, slabs of expanded polystyrene, if the covering depth of the well is less than 75 cm. It is also recommended that a slab of insulation be installed under the well cover for use in winter. 

  • overall height: 1450 mm
  • height of the tank: 500 mm
  • diameter of the tank: 650 mm
  • diameter of the riser: 250 mm
  • water volume: 150 l
  • inlet connector: 75 mm, 110 mm
  • outlet connector, sedimentation well: 75 mm, 110 mm
  • outlet connector, pressure sewer: 32 mm
  • weight: about 15 kg
  • max. submersing depth: about 1400 mm