Biolan Heating Cable
Biolan Heating Cable
Biolan Heating Cable


The Biolan Heating Cable ensures the operation of the filter even in winter conditions. The cable must be installed inside the filter in accordance with the instructions. The cable must not be connected to other than a fault-current-protected socket outlet.

In the Biolan Greywater filter Basic the cable is installed in accordance with the instructions for the Greywater Filter 70 and the excess length of the cable is inserted in the discharge pipe.


The thermal insulation of the filter, the heat in the wastewater and the thermal energy resulting from the activity of the micro-organisms reduce the need for heating. The Purifier withstands minor frost if it is used regularly. Freezing of the filter does not damage the Purifier. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the Heating Cable connected, while the property is not being used.

When heating is required, for example, on arriving in the cottage, the cable is connected to the socket outlet. The output of the cable is adjusted automatically according to the temperature inside the filter. This means, the consumption of electricity of the Heating Cable is not big.

Made in Finland