Biolan Potting Soil
Biolan Potting Soil

Biolan Potting Soil is a peat-free special soil for all your home’s pot plants. The soil has been produced through composting, and it contains plenty of nutrients with a long-lasting effect, as well as beneficial microbes.

When the soil is watered, the biochar and growth moss it contains binds the water and slowly releases it for the plants as the soil dries, enabling longer watering intervals. Potting Soil will stay airy even after being watered. After drying, the soil will continue to absorb water quickly and evenly. 

Potting Soil is suitable for organic cultivation.

Package size: 10 l and 24 l bag

Replacing Soil

Late winter and early spring are good times to replace the soil for green plants. For best results, water the plant thoroughly before replacing the soil and moisten the new soil before filling the pots. Place the required amount of soil in a separate container and add 0.5–1 dl of water per litre of soil. Mix the soil by hand. Pot the plant and only start watering a few days after the soil has been replaced.


Start adding fertiliser about a month after the soil has been replaced. For additional fertilising, we recommend Biolan's organic slow-release fertilisers. Fertilisers applied with water can also be used. 

  • Type designation: Moss substrate
  • Trade name: Biolan Green Plant Soil
  • Intended use: Substrate
  • Composted ingredients: Compost mix (chicken manure, rough ground bark, moss substrate)
  • Other ingredients: Moss substrate, lightweight aggregate, sand, plant-based biochar for substrates   Liming material: Ground magnesium limestone powder 4 kg/m³
  • pH: 6.4
  • Conductivity: 50 mS/m
  • Nutrient content:  
    • Nitrogen (N), water-soluble 95 mg/l (450 mg/kg of dry matter)
    • Phosphorus (P), soluble    150 mg/l (710 mg/kg of dry matter)    
    • Potassium (K), soluble 850 mg/l 4000 mg/kg of dry matter)
  • Volume weight:    435 g/l
  • Humidity: 55%            
  • Roughness: < 20 mm