Biolan Herb Soil
Biolan Herb Soil Biolan Herb Soil
Biolan Herb Soil

Biolan Herb Soil is a ready-to-use organically fertilised and limed substrate for:

  • herbs    
  • lettuces
  • small vegetables
  • strawberries
  • flowers

Biolan Herb Soil can be used for planting seedlings or sowing seeds directly in the product. Biolan Herb Soil contains substrate moss for improved aeration and the well-being of the roots. The soil is fertilised and contains plenty of nutrients with a long-lasting effect. Herb Soil contains 70% renewable and recycled raw materials. 

Package size: 10 l and 24 l bagMade in Finland

  • Type designation: Packed soil mix
  • Trade name: Biolan Herb Soil
  • Intended use: Substrate
  • Composted ingredients: Compost mix (chicken manure, rough ground bark, light peat)
  • Other ingredients: Moss substrate, dark peat, plant-based biochar for substrates    
  • Liming material: Ground magnesium limestone powder 4 kg/m³
  • pH: 6.5
  • Conductivity: 40 mS/m
  • Nutrient content: 
    • Nitrogen (N), water-soluble 95 mg/l (470 mg/kg of dry matter)  
    • Phosphorus (P), soluble    52 mg/l    (430 mg/kg of dry matter)        
    • Potassium (K), soluble    570 mg/l (4600 mg/kg of dry matter)
  • Volume weight:    360 g/l
  • Humidity:    65%                        
  • Roughness:     < 35 mm

Biolan Oy
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27501 Kauttua 

This product complies with the quality requirements issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland (MMM 24/2011). The figures in the product description are based on laboratory tests carried out by a laboratory accredited to test fertilising products.