Biolan Peat-Free Garden Soil
Biolan Peat-Free Garden Soil

Biolan Peat-Free Garden Soil is an environmentally friendly substrate suitable for organic cultivation all around the garden. Biolan Peat-Free Garden Soil is made 100% from recycled or quickly renewable raw materials, and it contains no peat. 

Peat-Free Garden Soil contains quickly renewable, ecological moss substrate (Sphagnum moss) and biochar that activates micro-organisms. Both biochar and moss increase the looseness of the substrate. They are also capable of binding water and slowly releasing it for the plants as the soil dries. The moss and biochar allow for longer watering intervals than is possible with traditional substrates.

Peat-Free Garden Soil is made by composting. During composting, the soil binds nutrients that are released gradually for the plants to use. As a result of composting, the product contains plenty of highly decomposed humus, which especially improves the structure of sand and clay soils. Peat-Free Garden Soil activates the soil’s micro-organisms and enlivens the soil.

  • Type designation: Moss substrate
  • Trade name: Biolan Peat-Free Garden Soil
  • Intended use: Substrate
  • Composted ingredients: Compost mix (chicken manure, rough ground bark, Sphagnum moss, wood fibre)
  • Other ingredients: Sphagnum moss, plant-based biochar for substrates    
  • Liming material: Ground magnesium limestone powder 4 kg/m³
  • pH: 6.7
  • Conductivity: 45 mS/m
  • Nutrient content:    
    • Nitrogen (N), water-soluble 100 mg/l (740 mg/kg of dry matter)         
    • Phosphorus (P), soluble 65 mg/l (480 mg/kg of dry matter)    
    • Potassium (K), soluble 610 mg/l (4,600 mg/kg of dry matter)
  • Volume weight: 385 g/l
  • Humidity: 65 %    
  • Roughness: < 35 mm