Biolan Growing bag
Biolan Growing bag Biolan Growing bag Biolan Growing bag
Biolan Growing bag

Biolan Growing bag is an organic growing media for growing a tomato, cucumber, paprika or etc. Growing bag contains a lightly fertilized substrate and a separate organic fertilizer part. The nutrients in the grow bag have been rated to be sufficient for three plants throughout the growing season. 

Growing bag can be used separately or with Biolan Self-watering box. 


  • length: 68 cm, width 50 cm, height 14 cm
  • weight 14,5 kg

Instructions for use: 

  • Do not mix the contents of the bag. The fertiliser is located on the side of the bag. Contains enough fertiliser for the whole summer.  Just add seedlings and water.
  • Cut incisions for drainage water on the reverse side of the bag where indicated. 
  • Cut planting holes for seedlings where indicated (3 places). 
  • Plant the seedlings and initially water them around the stem.
  • After the seedlings have grown roots, cut open the watering holes and continue to water the seedlings through them.


  • Type designation: Packed soil mix
  • Trade name: Biolan Growing Bag
  • Intended use: Substrate 
  • Composted ingredients: Compost mix: (light peat, chicken manure, rough ground bark)
  • Other ingredients: Light peat, substrate moss
  • Liming material: Ground magnesium limestone powder 6 kg/m³
  • Fertilisers: natural fertiliser pellet 5l/package*
  • pH: 6.5
  • Conductivity: 40 mS/m
  • Nutrient content:    
    • Nitrogen (N), water-soluble 100 mg/l (950 mg/kg of dry matter)
    • Phosphorus (P), soluble 80 mg/l (760 mg/kg of dry matter)
    • Potassium (K), soluble 400 mg/l (3800 mg/kg of dry matter)
  • Volume weight: 240 g/l
  • Humidity: 60%    
  • Bulk volume: 60 litres 
  • Roughness: < 40 mm


  • Type designation: Organic animal-based fertiliser (NPK 4-1-2) 
  • Trade name: Biolan Natural Fertiliser 
  • Ingredients: Composted chicken manure, seaweed powder
  • Nutrient content (% of dry matter):      
    • Total nitrogen (N) 4%, of which water-soluble 2%
    • Total phosphorus (P) 1.2%, of which water-soluble 1%
    • Total potassium (K) 2%
  • Humidity:10%
  • Organic matter content (% of dry matter): 70%