Biolan Moss Pellets
Biolan Moss Pellets Biolan Moss Pellets Biolan Moss Pellets
Biolan Moss Pellets

Biolan Moss Pellets are limed and fertilised substrate made of live peat moss. They are intended for germination of seeds. Simply add water and the seeds. The moss pellets are 100% sphagnum moss, and they have not been coated with any material. Ideal for Biolan’s Minigreenhouses, for example.

Package size: 12 pcs and 48 pcs

Made in Finland

How to use Biolan Moss Pellets: 

  • Soak the moss pellets several times by adding lukewarm water. First, pour enough water to thoroughly wet the pellets.
  • When the pellets start to swell, add water in between them. D
  • o not pour water directly on the swollen pellets. Sow the seeds in the seed holes.
  • Cover the seeds, when necessary.
  • Make sure that the pellets do not dry.
  • Transplant the young seedlings carefully into the final substrate. 

Biolan Moss Pellets

Type designation: Moss substrate
Trade name: Biolan Moss pellet
Intended use: Substrate
Ingredients: Moss substrate
Liming material: Ground magnesium limestone powder 8 kg/m³
Fertiliser: NPK 12-6-20 + micro nutrients 1.0 kg/m³
pH: 6.2
Conductivity: 22 mS/m
Nutrient content:    

  • Nitrogen (N), water-soluble 150 mg/l (810 mg/kg of dry matter)     
  • Phosphorus (P), soluble 90 mg/l (650 mg/kg of dry matter)    
  • Potassium (K), soluble 590 mg/l (3100 mg/kg of dry matter)

Humidity: 11%
Organic matter: 80 % dry matter    
Roughness: < 20 mm, button diameter 35 mm