Biolan Bulking Material for Composts and Dry Toilets
Biolan Bulking Material for Composts and Dry Toilets

Biolan bulking material is a peat-free blend of pine bark, moss and biochar for composts and dry toilets.

The dried and crushed pine bark keeps the compost mass airy, which is crucial for the functioning of the compost.

Moss and biochar absorb moisture and balance the moisture content in the compost mass. According to studies, biochar accelerates the microbial action of the compost mass. In addition, it binds odours.

The moss used in the product is living peat moss harvested from bog surface. The bog is not dried for harvesting.


Household biowaste:

Cover the waste with a thin layer of bulking material. In general, a suitable amount is half of the volume of the biowaste added to the compost. Add more bulking material if the compost is wet or smells.

Garden biowaste:

Add garden waste and Biolan Bulking Material in the compost in layers. If the compost is dry, moisten it with water.

Dry toilet waste:

After each visit, apply a cup or two (approximately 2 to 5 dl) of Biolan Bulking Material over the waste. Cover the waste extra carefully if you also use the toilet for composting household biowaste. 


Protect the product against moisture.