FAQ - Purifiers

FAQ - Purifiers

FAQ - Purifiers

How does the heating cable operate, and is it possible to install it after the filter?

The Biolan Heating Cable, which prevents the filter from freezing, shall be connected to the socket outlet as required, for example, upon arriving at the holiday home. The output of the cable is adjusted automatically according to the temperature inside the filter. Retrofitting of the cable is also easy, thanks to the illustrated instructions provided.

Can the Greywater Filter withstand dish-washing and laundry detergents?

Yes, provided that the substance is dosed following the manufacturer's instructions. The most recommended detergents are those, which have been awarded with the Nordic Ecolabel or the flower sign of the EU, as these contain less tensides, phosphorus and additives, which are harmful to the environment.

Does the Biolan In-Tank Treatment Plant also include septic tanks?

No, the treatment plant only includes the required machinery to be placed into the tanks. The concrete wells have to be acquired separately.

What is the CE sign?

The CE Marking is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with EU safety standards. It is not related to the requirements of the wastewater decree, but the purpose of the sign is to ensure the free movement of products within the European Economic Area. CE testing of the small-scale treatment plants includes testing the units for watertightness, functionality and durability. The testing procedure is defined in the all-European EN Standards. The standard has not yet been drawn up for refurbishment systems like the In-tank Treatment Plant. The manufacturer has the right to affix the sign, if the product has been tested in accordance with the standard – irrespective, for example, of the treatment capacity observed in the test. The Consumer Agency emphasises that the CE marking is not a quality label. Sources: Finnish Environment Institute, Consumer Agency