Composting in schools, day-care centres and similar institutions


Composting in schools, day-care centres and similar institutions


In principle, composting is similar in the schools, day-care centres, restaurants etc. as it in housing companies. Observe also:

It is very important to commit the kitchen personnel while still in the planning phase of the composting. It is their duty to sort out the waste. Careful planning and making personnel familiar with the sorting ensures the composting is successful. Sorting in the kitchen is not a big extra job, if the sorting bins are placed in the correct positions.

The same equipment can be used for the composting in institutions as in the housing companies. It is particularly important that decent and operationally reliable equipment be chosen for schools and day-care-centres so as to pass the composting experience as positive to the future generations. It pays to locate the composters as close to the other waste bins as possible.

Food waste from the schools is often very wet, which means bedding must be used generously. It is advisable to pour actual liquids such as, for example, soups into the sewer to avoid wetting the compost too much. In schools and day-care centres it is easy to make composting a part of the education: the children can be taught to sort out the waste during lunch and domestic work lessons. The compost can be taken care of during biology lessons when students can also observe its activity, study the compost soil and even grow plants in it. In many schools a nature club or an appropriate studying-team is responsible for taking care of the compost.