Biolan Quick Composter 550
Biolan Quick Composter 550
Biolan Quick Composter 550

An efficient thermo-composter for use of several families!

  • for composting bio-waste round the year  
  • for housing companies, institutions and shared use of several families 
  • for 10-15 households
  • adjustable valve for ventilation 
  • patented ventilation system  
  • efficient thermal insulation, also at the bottom 
  • shape of cover that returns the condensed moisture to the compost mass 
  • dense structure that prevents harmful animals from entering 


Product numbers: green 70573400, gray 70576600


The composter is intended for biodegradable waste. Do not put into the unit anything that hampers the composting process or does not compost, such as:

  • plastic, rubber, glass, leather
  • chemicals, rot-resistant or disinfecting agents, paints, solvents, petrol
  • detergents, washing water
  • lime
  • ash, cigarette butts, matches
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • coloured advertising paper
  • large amount of paper at one time


Biolan Quick Composter 550 is an effective thermo-insulated composter for year-round composting of kitchen biowaste. A unique ventilation system and the channel supplying air to the centre of the compost mass help to ensure an effective composting process. The largecapacity Quick Composter 550 is ideal for institutional kitchens, housing companies or shared use by several households.

Using the Biolan Composter

  • Empty the biowaste bin into the composter.
  • Apply Compoststarter in accordance with the instructions in the package.
  • Cover the waste with Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material. Depending on the wetness of the waste, a suitable amount is about 1/3–1/2 of the amount of waste added. The Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material absorbs odours and keeps the compost mass airy.
  • Continue filling until the surface of the waste reaches the level of the lower air pipe. Adjust the air valve in the front wall in winter to the position 40 and in summer to the position 50.
  • Continue filling in accordance with points 1-3 until the surface of the waste reaches the level of the upper air pipe. Open the air valve properly – depending on the outside air temperature (winter frost-summer heat) between the positions 50-100. Sufficient amount of waste has accumulated, and the population of micro-organisms has been created. Starting of the composting process can be established from the rise of the temperature. Observe the location of the thermometer at the upper air pipe. The thermometer gives indicative information about the various stages of the composting process and the temperature during the hot phase.
  • Continue filling the composter as usual until it is almost full of waste. Open the emptying door and start emptying


Emptying the Biolan Composter

Compost that has reached the cover soil stage is emptied from the Biolan Composter. The waste matures to cover soil in about 5–8 weeks after the composting process has started. To enable an efficient uninterrupted composting process, we recommend that at most half of the mass be discharged from the unit at a time.

  • Using a straight-edged spade, empty the part that has matured the most.
  • Attach the emptying door and drop the remaining compost mass onto the bottom of the composter using the mixer or the spade.


Using the Biolan Composter in frost

The heat in the composter is created by burning of the waste. The thermal insulation of the Biolan Composter prevents the heat from escaping and, by doing so, boosts the operation of the composter and helps prevent it becoming frozen up. The composter’s operation tolerates mild frost provided, that waste is added continuously on a weekly basis and the amount of waste added is sufficient. In severe frost or if the toilet is rarely used, the compost mass cools down and, in winter, may even freeze.

If the temperature of the composter drops below 20 degrees centigrade:

  • Continue filling the composter as usual.
  • If the frost is severe, adjust the air valve to a lower setting, between positions 20–40.
  • Check that the air outlet valve in the cover has not frozen. Dismantle the valve cover and remove any ice.
  • Empty the composter from the emptying door so as to provide more space for the waste and to stimulate the compost mass by inputting oxygen and by mechanical crushing.
  • Bury hot water bottles or canisters in the surface layer of the compost mass to provide warmer conditions for the micro-organisms. Freezing damages neither the unit nor the compost mass itself, and the composting process will continue once the sun starts warming things up again in spring.


Cleaning the Biolan Composter

Various mould and ray fungi are the decomposers in the compost, and should not be washed away. The air valve and the seep liquid hose (if installed) shall be cleaned as required, however, at least every five years.

Location of the composter

Place the Biolan composter in a location, to which waste can easily be taken all year round. A recommended place would be, for example, by the gate next to the waste bin. Place the composter on a firm surface in a location where water will not gather. The composter is fitted with an exit hole for possible excessive seep liquid. This is why the Biolan Composter should be placed on the ground surface. If the composter is placed onto tiling or stone paving, the tile or the stone at the seep liquid hole shall be removed. If the compost mass is exceptionally wet, some seep liquid might run out from under the emptying door or it might seep through the air valves in the front wall.

If you want to place the Biolan Composter, for example, in a storehouse, you can insert a hose connector into the seep liquid hole and connect to it a hose, which goes to, for example, a floor drain or a canister. Measure the diameter of the seep liquid hole and choose a connector that is slightly bigger, to ensure proper attachment of the connector.


  • Put a layer about 5-cm thick of Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material on the bottom.
  • Close the air valve in the front wall almost completely, i.e. set the figure 20 on the adjustment disc pointing upwards.


Proper use of the Biolan Composter allows more efficient composting of the mass and enables convenient use and emptying of the composter. Owing to the thermal insulation and the ventilation system of the composter, the composting of the waste is more efficient.

The composting starts as soon as there is a sufficient amount of waste in the composter, i.e. it is approximately level with the air channel. After start-up, the waste reaches the cover soil stage in 5-8 weeks.

  • Volume: about 550 litres
  • Height: 120 cm, with the cover open 190 cm
  • Bottom area: 88 x 74 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: 115 x 115 cm (width x length)
  • Operating height: 102 cm
  • Weight of an empty composter: 54 kg
  • Weight of a full composter: 250 - 400 kg
  • Weight of the lid when opening: 6 kg
  • Material: frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene
  • Insulation material: freon-free polyurethane
  • Ventilation: adjustable, patented
  • Ventilation piping: made of stainless steel
  • Other items: thermometer
  • Colour: green, gray
  • Seep liquid: can be led out orderly through the opening in the rear wall



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